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I studied photography in Canada during high school and immediately fell in love with the process of shooting and developing my own film.

20 years later I call Stockholm Sweden home and my passion for photography has developed into a full-time endeavour.  I specialize in portrait / product / fashion photography and online content creation for both commercial and private clients with that Rock n' Roll grit.  I shoot digital, analog and incorporate elements of vintage equipment with modern technology to achieve a signature style in my work. 

Photography like any artistic expression should move you, invoke a feeling, provoke thought or action and that very connection is my lifesblood.  I have always been drawn to subcultures, rule breakers and that outsider lifestyle , so my work is a reflection of that world.

Bottom line, if it’s “weird”, makes you look twice or you’re simply seeking that extra bit or grit or edge, that’s right up my alley!

I’m currently taking on both local and international work campaigns, please contact for rates and availability.


self portrait

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